Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Tribute to Carroll Shelby

I spent the day yesterday on the radio, as well as putting a show together for Sunday to pay tribute to a great American Icon, Carroll Shelby.  I had the honor and privilege to meet Carroll Shelby in 2000, at the SAAC event in Lime Rock, CT.  My family has been involved in racing since 1904, and my love of Mustangs and high performance Fords has put me on the best race tracks in the country.  Along the way, I met some great folks, including Carroll Shelby.  He can be credited with turning Baby Boomers into muscle car enthusiast.  He put the world on notice in 1965 that an American company was dominating world racing, beating the majestic Ferrari.  His legend continued with great cars like the GT350 and GT500 Mustang's.  His icon will always be the Cobra.  In the more recent past, I tried to convince the Shelby group to get some great organic coffee in the  product offerings for the Shelby Signature Foods.  A program Carroll wanted to have to raise money for his foundation that supports children, education, and legacy of his name.  I have spent many weekends on the track with some of the original Team Shelby drivers, as well as all those great folks who have preserved the great cars of the 1960's.  I went to many of the SEMA shows to see and talk with Carroll Shelby about the new design mustangs, and even while in his late 80's he always had his head in something faster.  Baby Boomers all recognize that they had some of the greatest cars in the 1960's and a lot of that go-power came from the great Carroll Shelby.  Yesterday, Rick Jensen and I spent an hour in the afternoon talking about great history, great cars, and took some listeners calls about old Fords, and about a great man, Carroll Shelby.
Who else could give you some driving pointers?  Thanks Carroll

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lets Fight Diabetes NOW - Join YMCA of Delaware's Tricia Jefferson

Retire Smart Radio welcomes Tricia Jefferson, RD, LDN and director of the YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program in Delaware.  All are welcome to join this battle, the Retire Smart Radio show this week featured Tricia with host B. Michael Shanley as they discussed the truth behind the prediabetes battle and the solutions for today's baby boomers.  This program is open to all people, from all areas, including DE, PA, MD, and NJ!

Please consult with your healthcare provider and discuss your personal situation if you feel that diabetes may be in your life or the life of a loved one.  There are proven results in this great program, and we encourage all people to take a look at your lifestyle and health choices as you enter those retirement years!  One step at a time and with slight modifications to eating, exercise, and monitored results, can put this national epidemic to rest in the Brandywine Valley!
Join us in the fight, get educated, and start on the road to better living and health.
Contact Tricia Jefferson at 302-571-6998 for more information or call RetireSmart Radio at 484-881-8899

To Listen to the Show  Click Here,  April 29 Show Click Here

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Whats Ahead for Long Term Care Protection?

The news this week is not new, but very consistent and concerning for baby boomers facing retirement. Prudential announced that effective at months end, it would no longer accept applications for long term care protection.  This is the tenth of the top twenty sales companies to discontinue policies to individuals for the important care policies.  The company cited low yields on bonds and higher then expected policy payments for this product line.
On RetireSmart Radio Show this Sunday, B Michael Shanley will discuss this problem, its impact on your retirement, and some hybrid ideas to get the best of the needed insurance, for an affordable price.  Tune in to WDEL 1150 AM at 10:30 AM Sunday March 25th for this important information.
Michael Shanley is the President and Senior Retirement Advisor for the Brandywine Valley Advisors Group with offices in West Chester and Wilmington.  Consider your options with the professional advise you need to make a  custom retirement plan for your family.  You can contact Michael at 484-881-8899

Friday, March 9, 2012

BIG Changes Coming to YOUR 401(k) Plan

There has been a two year rumbling from 401(K) plan administrators for the new regulations coming from the Department of Labor.  These sweeping changes, currently scheduled for July 1st, will require a full disclosure of the fees associated with administration, management, and expenses of your 401(k) plan.  I say, currently scheduled, because this date has been moved several times over the past 18 months.
The new disclosures cover both the direct and indirect compensation administers receive, the indirect fees have often gone undisclosed.  These changes come at a time when participants have seen very low returns, yields on safe haven investments. It will prove to many in money market type plans, that they are actually loosing money over time.
Tune into RetireSmart Radio, with your host B Michael Shanley this week for an in depth look at these changes and special guest Anne Tergesen, journalist for the Wall Street Journal.  She has been on the forefront of reporting the DOL changes, and the implications of full disclosure to the average participant.
The fallout of expensive plans is expected as participants turn to plan sponsors for relief from diminished returns, with zero protection from market downturns.
401(k) plans, are defined contribution plans, became popular in the early 1980's, today there is over $4.3 trillion in these plans.  For more details on your impact, and those questions you may have about retirement planning, listen this Sunday March 11th, at 10:30 AM WDEL 1150AM.  Remember to turn your clock ahead an hour!

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Retire Like A Champion!

It is that time of the year again! The NFL season was almost on hold over the summer, but here we go again with a classic showdown between the Giants and Patriots. I have always been a big fan of football, and it was not until 1999 that my team’s chance at a Super Bowl appearance came full circle. The St Louis Rams hired, out of retirement, a coach that took another team from the basement to the playoffs. Coach Dick Vermeil was already successful in many ways, NFC Championships, Rose Bowl Championship, and a trip to the Super Bowl.  It was the 1999 season that put a opportunity for Coach Vermeil to head back to the coveted game of the decade!  The team was very successful and Coach decided to retire again after a last play victory in Super Bowl XXXIV.

You can listen to coach Dick Vermeil on the Retire Smart Radio Show this Sunday at 10:30 AM on WDEL 1150AM.  Your host, B Michael Shanley asks the coach about retirement, his new wine business, and the emotions that come with a Super Bowl victory.  Coach Vermeil was well known for his great wins as the leader of the Philadelphia Eagles. He took the team to the playoffs, and had a shot at a Super Bowl win. 

At 75 years old, Coach Vermeil is now knee deep in another family passion, wine!  Vermeil wines are sold across the country and feature many award wining offerings, including a Double Gold Award for the 2008 and 2009 Proprietary Red Wines.  Vermeil was raised in the Napa Valley and his passion is very evident in all the wonderful selections from VermeilWines.com

Please join us on Retire Smart Radio on Super Bowl Sunday at 10:30 AM WDEL AM to hear all the great information and how to Retire Like a Champion!
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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Retire Smart in the Brandywine Valley

Great information for the Baby Boomers in the Brandywine Valley, aka Brandywine Boomers!  Everyday, 10,000 baby boomers are facing retirement in this country.  B. Michael Shanley, President of the Brandywine Valley Advisors Group, will be your host for many programs aimed at helping boomers in retirement!  This is one of those!  A blog that will spotlight issues, make recommendations, introduce local people and events, as well as get you connected with all that is important to Brandywine Boomers!

 This Sunday, January 8th, RetireSmart! Radio Show will premier at 10:30 AM on WDEL 1150 AM.  Michael takes some time to discuss the many challenges in today's retirees. His focus is on the shortcomings in long-term income planning, tips on Social Security, and some questions to ponder if you do not have a retirement income plan!
He will also be hosting three Savvy Social Security Workshops at the Brandywine Executive Center on Concord Pike,Wilmington DE,  January 10th and January 17th at 6:30 PM. The January 12th date is fully booked.  For more information on the workshops,  please call 484-881-8899.  Brandywine Boomers can attend one of the many workshops that will be offered in 2012, in Exton, West Chester, Chester Springs, Glen Mills, Malvern, and Wilmington DE, please check back on this blog for more information!
Michael has an all star lineup of guest for this year, including Rosemarie Kosmalski, Pubic Affairs Specialist from the Social Security Administration, YMCA directors from Wilmington and West Chester, local chefs, local wine experts, local business owners, and professors from Villanova, UPenn, and University of Delaware.  For more information, www.RetireSmartRadio.com
Have a Great Day Brandywine Valley Boomers!
B. Michael Shanley