Friday, February 1, 2019

Special Workshops for GM White Marsh Workers

"We have seen these types of cuts all over the I-95 corridor in the past 5 years" said B. Michael Shanley, President of the Brandywine Advisors Group, LLC   It started in Wilmington with the DuPont/Dow buyouts, and now is affecting those working at the General Motors Plant in White Marsh, Maryland.  GM announced in November of the cuts in this plant, as well as other in the US and Canada.
Workers will face big decisions about buyouts, layoffs, health care, Social Security, among other issues like relocation and job training.

Brandywine Advisors Group will offer several small workshops at the White Marsh Public Library this February and March.  Any family that would like to discuss your options with a professional team of advisors, tax experts, retirement income planning experts please call our office at (410) 515-5800.  We will be posting the dates of the workshops shortly, but we can help anybody in need sooner.  There is no charge for the consultation, and we are happy to explore your concerns.

We understand your anxiety over all the sudden decisions that you will need to make.  Our team has worked with many families that have gone through this same process.

You can request a meeting by calling or go to  for an appointment request.  We hope that whatever road you travel, that you have a smooth ride and enjoy the sights along the way.

Our White Marsh office is located across from the Public Library and a few miles from the GM plant.